What are the 5 benefits of quartz kitchen worktops?

A big name on people’s lips for kitchen worktops at the minute is quartz worktops. But what is it about quartz countertops that have made them such a popular choice as a kitchen worktop material in the past few years? To answer this we’ve put together this handy guide to showcase 5 key benefits.


Before we start listing some of the benefits, let’s start with what quartz stone is…

Quartz worktops are a man-made composite stone material. They are fabricated from natural quartz, which is one the hardest materials on the earth, and small bits of granite, mirror chips and 5 – 7 polymer resins. Pigments are often added in addition to create various hues, colours and patterns.

This is then combined with glass and other reflective materials to give the sparkling finish that is seen in the stone. The result is a hard solid stone material but with added flexibility to its natural stone counterparts, such as those used in marble worktops and granite worktops.


So now we know what quartz stone is, let’s take a look at 5 key benefits the stone provides, which makes it an ideal candidate for kitchen worktops.

  1. Highly Stain Resistant
    As a non-porous stone, quartz worktops are extremely stain resistant. Whereas spillages during food preparations can often seep into the cracks of granite and marble stone, this does not happen with quartz worktops.
  2. Maintenance is a breeze
    Quartz worktops require minimal maintenance, unlike some other natural stones such as marble. Cleaning is a breeze and all that is needed to keep your worktops looking as good as new is a simple wipe down with warm water and a micro fibre cloth. This makes them an ideal material for high-traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen.
  3. They are extremely flexible
    Unlike other natural stones like granite, quartz worktops are extremely flexible. They are very pliable and able to be adapted to fit bespoke worktop designs. And this is yet another reason that makes quartz worktops a popular choice not only for kitchen worktops but for commercial or bespoke worktop projects across the country.
  4. Hard-wearing and durable
    Hard-wearing and durable, quartz counters are highly resistant to chipping and scratching. However, whilst natural stones such as granite also share these qualities, quartz worktops carry the added benefit of flexibility, making them easier to work with when it comes to installation and edging options.
  5. Huge range of colours at affordable prices
    With so much to choose from, including slabs that resemble the beautiful veigning characteristics of marble, it’s no wonder why quartz countertops have become a popular choice for kitchens across the UK. Increased production of composite stone materials in recent years has massively opened up the market. And this has made quartz stone more widely available to homeowners across the UK, even for those on a tighter budget.


Still unsure about which worktop material is the best for your kitchen? At Marble Supreme we’d be more than happy to explain the pros and cons of quartz stone and any other kitchen worktop materials. We want to help you find the perfect stone for your kitchen or bathroom worktops and love to share our knowledge on beautiful stone materials. Simply, get in touch today or visit our bristol showroom in Kingswood to speak to one of our stone experts in person.