When it comes to kitchen worktops, one of the most common customisations is the addition of drainer grooves as part of the kitchen unit surrounding the sink. Including drainage grooves within your kitchen worktop unit allows water to easily drain from the kitchen work surface straight into the sink. The most common drainage groove applied to solid stone materials such as in granite worktops, quartz countertops and marble worktops is an in-built drainage groove.

If you have ordered a new kitchen, or are in the process, of getting a kitchen re-fit done then there are a number of benefits to consider for having in-built drainage grooves within your solid stone kitchen worktops. Take a look at our list of benefits below:


  • Perfect for under-mounted sinks – Drainage grooves are an ideal match for under-mounted sinks. By routing grooves into the solid stone worktops surrounding your sink, you allow water to be drained easily – instantly removing any need for a separate drainage unit.
  • Cost saving – Adding drainer grooves into your kitchen worktops is also highly cost-effective. They operate in exactly the same way that a separate drainage unit would – hence saving you both time and money.
  • Practical & aesthetically pleasing – What’s more, drainer grooves are pleasing to the human eye. They add a touch of class to any granite, marble or quartz sink surrounds and offer both a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for your kitchen sink. The grooves fashioned into your worktop will also stand the test of time, keeping your worktops and sink looking beautiful for years to come.


As with any aspect of your kitchen design, there is a wide range of choices to take into account when scoping out your kitchen worktop drainage grooves. These include specifications of length, depth, the number of grooves and whether or not to include drainer grooves on each side of your kitchen sink.


No matter the question, we are always more than happy to help. We are an experienced marble, granite and quartz worktop company so if you are still unsure about how drainage grooves could benefit you or are looking to take the next step and specify the drainage grooves in your kitchen worktops, simply get in touch with one of the team on 0117 956 3030 or email us at info@marblesupreme.com. Alternatively, pop on down to our Bristol showroom in Kingswood, and we’ll gladly talk you through the various kitchen and bathroom worktop options.