The bathroom is a major focal point of many remodelling projects. It is one of the most visible places in a home and is also an essential place of comfort and relaxation. Just like with any kitchen remodelling projects, bathroom worktops and vanity tops not only provide a functional work surface but also serve as a core part of the overall bathroom design.

Finding the right choice of stone for your bathroom worktops is no small feat. It’s important to consider a number of varying stone materials and their individual properties in order to choose the right material for your home. Good bathroom worktops should strike the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics sufficient enough to meet the demands of how you live.

As a high-traffic area in your home, your bathroom is susceptible to lots of water, soap, cosmetic and cleaning chemicals. So to help you on your way we’ve put together this guide on a number of stone materials to consider before choosing your bathroom worktops.


As one of the most beautiful natural stones around, Marble is often the most popular choice of stone for bathroom worktops and flooring. With increasing advances in modern technology, it is also available in a vast range of colour variations and patterns. Each slab is extremely unique and adds a touch of class to any home!


  • Cool temperature – it maintains a cool temperature which is ideal for the bathroom where hot showers and liquids are commonplace
  • Sense of space – the light, natural look of the marble worktops can also give the illusion of added space – ideal for creating a relaxing and cleansing atmosphere which is perfect for bathroom spaces.
  • Easy to maintain – Marble is also very easy to maintain, simply wipe the surfaces clean with water and a mild detergent


  • Can stain easily – Marble is more porous than other natural stones such as granite and as such can more readily absorb unwanted liquids or oils that are spilt on the surface. You should be cautious of using nail varnish or any acidic liquids that could stain the worktops, even in the bathroom
  • Susceptible to scratching – marble is heavily susceptible to scratching and so care should be taken when using any sharp objects in your bathroom.



Known as one of the most durable stone materials around, granite worktops are a popular choice for both kitchen and bathroom worktops. Here are a few pros and cons of the stone material:


  • Easy to maintain – like marble, the superb finish of granite is extremely easy to maintain with a simple wipe of the surface with a wet cloth and mild detergent. What’s more as one of only two authorised dealers of Dry-Treat sealant in the South West, all of our worktops are sealed with a Dry-Treat sealer, for premium stain protection.
  • Strong & Durable – As one of the most durable stones around, Granite is denser and stronger than all other natural stone worktops. Each slab is unique and heavily resistant to scratching and staining making it a firm favourite for kitchen worktops and bathroom vanity tops.
  • Extremely heat resistant – Granite is also extremely heat resistant and can handle hot temperatures that can occur in both kitchen and bathroom environments
  • Lower cost range – Whilst often considered more expensive than Marble stone, there are now a number of Granite materials that out-price even Marble Carrara worktops. These include Steel Grey and Azul Platino granite – both of which are stocked in our Bristol showroom in Kingswood.
  • Versatile material – As a highly versatile material, Granite can also be moulded to a variety of unique shapes and styles – ideal for bespoke designs and fittings.


  • Porous Material – As a porous stone like Marble, it can absorb wine, juice or other oily liquids if the worktops aren’t sealed properly – causing the worktops to create stains that may be rather difficult to remove.
  • Cost– Granite is one of the most expensive stone materials out there. It’s hard-wearing qualities and natural beauty can often come at an expensive price
  • Not Full Proof – Even though it is one of the most durable stones around, it can still be susceptible to scratching and staining if a heavy object is dropped on a corner of the worktop, or the worktops are not sealed correctly upon installation.



An increasingly popular choice for both kitchen and bathroom worktops due to its high durability and flexible nature, Quartz, otherwise referred to as composite, stone is another great stone for bathroom worktops and vanity units.


  • DurabilityQuartz countertops are an extremely durable material and are highly resistant to scratching and staining
  • Flexible to work with – The added flexibility compared to other stones such as marble and granite, make Quartz an ideal choice for tackling difficult corners or bespoke designs and fittings
  • Easy to maintain – Quartz worktops are extremely easy to clean and maintain. As with granite and marble stone all that is needed is a simple wipe down of your surfaces using a mild dish-washing soap and warm water.
  • Non-Porous Stone –  As a non-porous stone, it can resist staining from household acids, mould and mildew much better than its natural stone counterparts. They also require no sealing.
  • Antibacterial – As a non-porous surface Quartz worktops will not harbour bacteria or viruses, another factor that makes them an ideal choice for bathroom worktops, flooring and bathroom vanity tops.


  • Very heavy – They can often be heavier than granite.
  • Less heat resistant than Granite – Quartz worktops are not as resistant to heat as other natural stone materials like Granite.
  • Susceptible to weathering – Unlike its natural counterparts, Quartz stone can start to fade in colour if exposed to too much natural sunlight
  • Seams are more visible – Seams within the worktop units are more visible in lighter shades of Quartz worktops compared to that of marble stone.


Aside from bathroom vanity tops, bathroom tiles are also a popular feature of bathroom designs. They can also be a feature within your bathroom vanity tops, however, the uneven surface is not ideal for a flat, horizontal worktop unit. Moreover whilst they come in such a wide variety of beautiful stone variations, the grout lines within stone tiles are often a prime place for dirt to be trapped and become mouldy if not maintained over time.



At Marble Supreme, we provide expert craftsmanship in stone materials for both your kitchen and bathroom needs. Whether you’re looking for granite, marble or quartz bathroom vanity tops, flooring, shower enclosures or bath surrounds, we can craft solutions to your exact needs. Why not pop along to our Bristol showroom in Kingswood today and grab a coffee with one of our expert team? Alternatively, give us a call on 0117 956 3030 and we’d be more than happy to help