Quartz worktops — a man-made material, formed of crushed quartz and bonded with resin, polymers and pigments — is one of the most versatile materials you can choose for your kitchen. Quartz colours and patterns are plentiful in choice. Available from a wide variety of brands (including Unistone, Silestone and Caeserstone), quartz offers a range of colours, patterns and textures, to fit with your kitchen — not to mention it’s durability.

In fact, quartz countertops offer you so much choice in terms of colour, that it can be tough to make a final decision on your kitchen. After all, your worktops are often the centre point of the kitchen, and once installed you won’t want to change them in the short term. So the rest of the kitchen really has to work with what you choose.  

To help you with the decision, we‘ve put together a few tips.

Think long-term

When choosing the colour of your quartz worktops, remember that this will be the colour that will last in your kitchen for years, if not decades, to come. If you base the colour of your worktops on your current paint and furniture, what happens when your tastes change? Our suggestion is to go for a colour that mixes well with others, allowing for flexibility in your decor as the years go by. We also recommend treating a new worktop as an opportunity to re-decorate your entire kitchen.

Don’t skimp on the samples

Seeing a colour in the showroom is one thing. But there’s no substitute for seeing what any particular colour looks like in the room it’ll end up in. That’s why we always recommend that you take a sample (or a few), and take them home to check that the colours and patterns work in your kitchen.

Choose with a colour wheel

Following on from the previous point, a colour wheel is a great tool for helping you choose colour combinations that work. A colour wheel can help you ensure that different accents and undertones — the colour of items such as your cabinets, sinks, or chairs — don’t clash with your worktops.

Dual colours

Another important thing to keep in mind is that many quartz worktops have elements of a secondary colour. Often this secondary colour is neutral, but occasionally it can be a strong colour. So you need to keep this colour in mind, too, when deciding on the overall look of your kitchen. Thanks to the nature of quartz worktops, the amount of this secondary colour will be uniform throughout, so it’s easy to see how much of that colour you’ll end up with by looking at a sample.

Pop in and see for yourself

Keeping those points in mind will give you a great headstart when it comes to choosing the ideal colour of your quartz worktop. But there is another important step to remember — come in and see our quartz worktops for yourself. There’s no substitute for seeing and feeling a material in real life.

At our Bristol showroom, you’ll be able to see a selection of our quartz worktops (as well as granite worktops and marble worktops) in a range of colours. When you’re there we can help you decide which colour and material might work best in your kitchen, or even for your bathroom worktops.

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