You may be thinking about updating your kitchen worktops or even planning a full-scale kitchen refurbishment But where do you start? With so many options for kitchen worktops and flooring, let alone your kitchen cabinets, it can all seem a little daunting at first. But don’t panic – planning for kitchen worktops should be an exciting process and to help out we have put together a guide to help you make the right decisions for your kitchen in line with your tastes and budget.


Now this is perhaps fairly obvious, but the first step is to plan your budget. Take a look at what you would ideally like to spend and see if the worktop options that you had in mind might work with your budget. Regular updates in technology have given rise to a plethora of worktop options available at affordable budgets, whilst trends for open-plan kitchens and living area arrangements have bought about a number of high-end worktop materials for those on a larger budget.

From affordable laminate worktops to luxury granite and marble worktops, the prices for kitchen worktop materials can vary dramatically. Whilst cheaper laminate options may be more affordable in the short term, they are often not as durable as their granite or quartz worktops counterparts and can withstand the tests of busy kitchen environments for years to come.

If you are working on a shoestring budget and can’t quite afford granite worktops or marble worktops, then perhaps consider some of the more affordable composite stone materials that are available.


Silver Forest Granite Worktops BristolGranite worktops with granite sink surrounds and kitchen tap in bristol

Now that you’ve got a budget in mind, the next step is to look at your current kitchen layout. What are the measurements for your current kitchen worktops? Is there open space to plan an additional kitchen island?

Start by creating a simple sketch showcasing the layout of your kitchen, making sure to include the location of any important features such as the position of your kitchen sink, oven hobs and kitchen appliances. Then measure your worktops, taking the measurement from the wall to the edge of your worktops and including measurements for both the length and width of each worktop.

For more help on how to measure your kitchen worktops, take a look at our previous guide on how to prepare for your new kitchen worktops.


As with any remodelling project, costs can vary depending on the size of the worktops, kitchen space and the installation costs. Stone worktops such as granite, marble and quartz countertops need to be handled with care and whilst getting in an expert to install your worktops may be an extra cost, it can not only be time-saving and better for your safety but also ensure that the process runs smoothly and your worktops are built to last.

Any additional cuts to go around kitchen sinks, drainer grooves by your sink or kitchen hobs can cost extra depending on the size of the cut, and these are all additional factors to take into consideration.


Ok, so you’ve got your worktop measurements, you’ve got an idea of your cost and you have an idea of the material, colour and patterns you like. But what now? Well, before you go ahead and make a snap decision from some fancy-looking images on the web, pop down and visit a local stone or kitchen showroom. It’s important to not just buy online. Images that you see on a website can be misleading and may not look exactly how you imagined when you see the material in the flesh.

With a vast range of stone materials in our Bristol showroom we know just how much each individual slab of stone can differ from the other. They are all extremely unique and the true essence of their colour/veigning can often only be seen when you are up close and personal with them.


As when going to buy a car or planning a new house build, an initial consultation to review the plans, timings and budgets is always recommended. This visit should be highly personable with an experienced and passionate stone or kitchen worktops expert. You may find the outcome surprises you and you come away with 1 or 2 different worktop options that you had previously not considered.


So you’ve shopped around for your ideal kitchen worktops and after a number of 1-2-1 consultations with experienced professionals are ready to take the final leap of faith! Stop there! Before going for the final kill, it’s worth doing a spot of final research to make sure you’re making the right decision. Take a look at what previous customers say about your chosen supplier and if any issues do arise, how are they dealt with? Customer reviews hold a key insight into the values, work ethic and produce of a company. Take a look at reviews across Google, Facebook, CheckaTrade and any other third-party “trust” pilot services and see what they say. If the company appear to be both passionate about their work, personable, and have a fantastic range of stone to boot then you are on to a winner.

For more tips and hints, be sure to also check out industry-specific blogging sites such as Houzz, Archilovers and Ideal Home.


As expert craftsmen in stone, we understand the important role kitchen worktops play in any kitchen. What’s more, we have a firm grounding in stone flooring, bathroom worktops and other stone applications giving us tremendous insight into the possibilities of different stones and their applications. If you’re still unsure about where to start when choosing your stone worktops, then speak to one of our friendly team today.

Whether you’d like to pop down to our Bristol showroom and speak to an expert in person or contact us over the phone at 0117 956 3030, we’d be more than happy to help you find the best choice of material for your kitchen worktops. And if we can’t meet your requirements, or you need our help in any other way we will happily refer you to one of many trusted contacts. Your kitchen is our passion, and we like to help you find the best fit for your needs, no matter the journey.