Commercial and Home Bars

Explore unparalleled craftsmanship for your bespoke home bar or cocktail bar at Marble Supreme. Whether for your home or commercial space, our custom marble, granite, and quartz bar worktops redefine luxury, offering a blend of functionality and sophisticated design to impress your guests whilst you do the entertaining.

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Handcrafted Elegance for Every Space and Noteworthy Names

Marble, granite, and quartz worktops reign supreme when it comes to handcrafted bar worktops. From household names like Hilton and Marriott to your living room, our premium stone materials boast stunning aesthetics whilst bringing a touch of luxury that elevates any environment. Each cocktail bar or home bar worktop is meticulously crafted to embody your unique style, creating a focal point that speaks volumes in sophistication.

Bespoke Home Bars

A bespoke home bar will elevate your living space with a captivating blend of style and functionality designed for those who crave a show-stopping space. Custom-built to your desires, each bar worktop is a unique masterpiece, making every gathering a standout event where you can play the master mixologist while hosting. Picture a space where making drinks is a delightful experience, and friends are left eagerly anticipating the next soirée. If you want to add a bar to your home, choosing one of our premium stone materials will make the space feel even more exquisite. 

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Custom-Made Commercial Bars

Designed with precision and enhanced with premium fixtures, our bespoke commercial bar worktops perfectly align with your brand aesthetics. Customised to suit the distinctive needs of upscale establishments, these bars seamlessly accentuate your brand.

Opt for serene marble for a Spa drinks station or quartz in wow-factor patterns for an exclusive speak-easy, each contributing to the distinct ambience. Crafted with a consistent and professional finish, our worktops, showcased in prestigious locations such as the Marriot Hotel and Hilton Hotel (Croydon), go beyond mere aesthetics. They seamlessly integrate into the exclusive branded experience, becoming an integral element that enhances customers’ perceptions.

Versatile Design and Seamless Integration

We can create a tailor-made worktop for a fully fitted bar, whether it’s recessed, freestanding, or uniquely designed, expressing your taste while seamlessly integrating with your space. Whether you’re envisioning a commercial cocktail bar, juice bar, or exclusive club, or crafting a coffee or cocktail-making station at home, our designs go beyond expectations. We specialise in customisations, including alluring cascading effects and various dimensions, ensuring your bar top is a perfect fit for any setting.

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