Struggling with a small kitchen? This famous design theory could help.

After almost 30 years of experience in creating and installing worktops in Bristol, including marble worktops, granite worktops and quartz countertops, we’ve learned a lot about kitchen worktop design. The looks, the layouts, the lot.

And one issue that comes up time and again is that people struggle to make the most out of small spaces. When it comes to kitchens, bigger does often feel better — but not everyone is blessed with loads of space.

But there are solutions, and one that we’ve seen work in countless kitchens is the ‘working triangle’.

The Working Triangle Theory

You might have heard of it referred to as the ‘golden triangle’ or ‘magic triangle’, but either way the basic premise remains the same. The idea is that the three key work areas of your kitchen should be set out in a triangle, with certain distances between points.

The theory dates all the way back to the 1940s when researchers started to look at how to make kitchen space more efficient. The research found that the kitchen was really made up of three key areas — preparation (the sink), cooking (the stove) and food storage (the fridge).

Working triangle kitchen design

Connecting these three areas in a triangle, with no side shorter than 4ft or longer than 9ft, allowing for free and easy movement from one area to the next, as you go through the process of cooking a meal.
By using the kitchen triangle, you can enjoy cooking efficiently and easily, even in a small kitchen!

Other Kitchen Designs That Might Work For You

The working triangle is a proven design principle, but it’s not set in stone. The design of your kitchen depends on how you use it.

Maybe you use your microwave and mixer more than your oven. Also, the working triangle is ideal for small spaces with one person doing all the work. If you have a bit more space and tend to cook in pairs (or even with the whole family) then you could consider expanding the working triangle.

You could, for example, create multiple separate zones. Each of these would have everything needed for a different task. Your baking zone would contain everything you need to bake, including ingredients and equipment. And the same would be true of your food preparation zone.

The key is making sure that you can move around easily on your own. Or, if you have a few people cooking, that you don’t get in each other’s way.

Take a look at our other blog on popular kitchen design trends including quartz worktops and minimalism for more ideas on what you can do with your kitchen!

The Cherry On Top

In the end, these designs are about functionality, rather than looking good. But when it comes to your actual worktops, we can help you make the most of both.

We’ll work with you to decide on the perfect material for your kitchen worktops — based on both your practical needs and how you want your finished kitchen to look. Giving your whole house a renovation? We can also help with your bathroom countertop design.

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