There are plenty of claims across the industry that stone worktops can last a lifetime, but how long do kitchen worktops last in your home? Replacing a worktop can be an intimidating prospect, so how can you avoid picking a worktop that won’t hold its integrity? 

The majority of stone kitchen worktops are remarkably durable and can withstand a variety of wear and tear. Each material has plenty of pros and cons to consider. 

Investing in a high-quality kitchen worktop could add value to your home should you choose to sell. With an estimated 6% rise in the value to your home. 

So, how long do different stone worktops last? 

Marble Worktops

There’s a reason why marble has been used to form historical buildings and sculptures for thousands of years, it’s just as strong as it is beautiful.

Marble is a popular material of choice for kitchen worktops, and it’s easy to see why. 

Despite being softer than granite and quartz, it has naturally heat-resistant qualities and is incredibly versatile. 

Typically, a marble worktop will last upwards of 10-15 years. 

If the marble is placed in an area that experiences low-traffic, it will generally last longer.




Granite Worktops 

In comparison to other worktops materials, granite has the longest life expectancy. 

On average, granite worktops can stay in good condition for over 25 years. So, investing in a granite worktop really will pay off in the long run. 

Did you know granite is one of the hardest substances in the world, second only to diamonds? 

There are plenty of factors that will contribute to the condition of your granite. For example, making sure your worktop is regularly sealed will help protect it from everyday spills and stains. 


granite kitchen worktops bristol


Quartz Worktops

Although Quartz is an engineered stone composed of man-made resins, it actually has a shorter expected life span than most natural stone. 

Quartz worktops are also more prone to sun damage and heat damage from contact with hot pots and pans.

However, a high-quality quartz countertop can still last for an average of 15 years before a replacement may be needed.

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So, what’s the catch?

Your worktops can last for a very long time, however, how well you care for them will have a big effect on their longevity. 

Natural stone is susceptible to water damage, chips and cracks. Stains and scratches may not have a huge effect on longevity but it’s important to stay aware of these superficial issues because in high-volume they can contribute to a weakening of the stone. The softer the stone, the higher the risk of scarring and chipping.

If you are worried about your stone coping with the stress of high-traffic, it might be best to explore granite and quartz options for your worktops rather than marble.  

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Still not sure which stone is right for you?

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